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Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 for Intel and AMD

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Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 for Intel and AMD

Post by Admin|Gana on Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:46 pm

Apple's Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 for Intel and AMD 100% working garunteed

iATKOSv7.10.5 v7 Intel/AMD 3.2 GB

OSX86 is a collaborative hacking project to run the Mac OS X computer operating
system on non-Apple personal computers with x86 architecture processors.
This upload includes compressed iATKOS v7 DVD iso image and md5 rtf files.


* This DVD is designed for Non-Apple x86 computers (PC).
So, do not try to boot it on Apple Hardware!
* This DVD includes Apple's Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 (9J61) installation
for Intel and AMD CPUs, some basic drivers and x86 patches.
* Make sure that the md5 checksum of your iATKOS iso image matches the one in md5.rtf file.
Do this MD5 check just before mounting or doing anything with the iso image!
Otherwise you may have a faulty DVD image. Use quality media/burner and burn slowly.
MD5 iATKOS_v7.iso : 6395be5253f53f716ed042db1dd599f3
* The oscar goes to Apple and OSX86 community.

Minimum hardware requirements:
x86 SSE2 CPU, 512MB RAM, 10GB free space on target partition, OpenGL VGA card.

hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part01.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part02.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part03.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part04.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part05.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part06.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part07.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part08.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part09.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part10.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part11.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part12.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part13.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part14.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part15.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part16.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part17.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part18.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part19.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part20.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part21.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part22.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part23.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part24.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part25.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part26.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part27.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part28.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part29.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part30.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part31.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part32.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part33.rar.html
hotfile.com iATKOS_v7_www.dl4all.com.part34.rar.html

rapidshare.com iATKOS-v7-10-5-7-Intel-AMD_www.dl4all.com.txt

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Re: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 for Intel and AMD

Post by oriest on Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:40 pm

ijin donlod gan,,,,,,,,,,
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